Administration Setting

User Settings

  • Location to keep all your documents. This is mapped to cloud storage like google drive, one drive, drop box etc.
  • Location to capture documents from scanners and other document sources.

  • It is advised the SpineLegal application is automatically logged off after a period of inactivity for improved security.
  • You can configure this to any value, but the recommended settings are 30 minutes for private office working and 5 minutes for public/shared office work.

  • Add your mobile number if you are using SMS integration. This is the number the receiver will see on the SMS message.

  • Choose to use PDF viewer from SpineLegal or the default Adobe PDF viewer

  • Click on this button to connect to office plugins to the SpineLegal desktop application
  • Click on this button from the second machine you have installed SpineLegal to connect to office plugins

Screen Settings

  • Case Status
  • Case Summary
  • Case Workflow
  • Case Details
  • Accounting Ledger
  • Case Audit
  • Case WF Summary

  • Case workflow
  • Key Dates
  • Audit Progress
  • Case Notes

  • Corresspondance
  • Stages
  • Task
  • Document Generation
  • Document InOut
  • Notes

Certain users prefer the panels in Case Summary to be kept minimised when they log in.

  • Related Person Minimise
  • Correspondence Minimise

You can select what information you want to see in the coresspondance. Document display on basis of document grouping /Task-Stage grouping.

  • Document Grouping
  • Task –Stage Grouping

Admin Settings

  • The prefix for the reference can be set to anything you prefer.
  • Firms processing different types of case will need the case type preference for identifying cases by reference
  • Typically set to the year, this can be set to anything suffix you prefer.


  • If you are doing Time-based billing, the billing rate can be set here
  • Suppose all the emails from the firm needs copying to an administrator email id. You can set this here.


  • Use Spine Accounting – Select this setting for using the Office accounting module in SpineLegal
  • Disable Quote Review – Select Disable quote review,its case creation after Generate quotation,its go to direct open case screen


Additional Integration

For integrating LegalTrack with Stripe

  • Secret Key
  • Publishable Key


Search company integration – speak to spine support



  • Postcode lookup URL
  • Postcode lookup Key


Search company integration – speak to spine support


Firm Settings

Branch Settings