Opening a case in SpineLegal


Welcome to SpineLegal, the legal automation software

In this session, we are going to discuss how to open a case in SpineLegal

Opening a case in SpineLegal is very easy and is a 3 step process
  • Step 1 – is to onboard the client if he or she is a new client. If the client is already onboarded, go to the next step and select the name from the dropdown.
  • Step 2 – is to create a quotation based on the case type and various requirements the client has discussed with you.  You can select an existing or pre-defined template to generate the quotation for this client.

You can review the quote and generate the document to be sent to the client or you can just move to the next step. If the client and quotation is already available, just go to  “Open Case” tab

  • Step 3 – is the open the case, here you are expected to select the workflow and the allocations/ details of the people who could see the details of this case in the firm.

Once these are done click the Open Case button and the case will be opened with everything you need for running the case from, Status Summary, Documents, Workflow Information, Audit Checklist and Client accounting details.