Managing Case

Quotation Management

Generate quotations based on configured templates

Workflow Management

Standardise matter processing using workflows

Template Management

Codify precedents and templates for auto generation

User Management

Manage SpineLegal users in the firm effectively with entitlements

Document Management

Generate and process documents easily for all matter types

Legal Accounting

Legal accounting modules built following the SRA guidelines in accounting

Client Management

Manage client Management relationship at one place

Task Management

Manage all the tasks associated with each matter and track them

Practice Management

Manage firm using advanced charts and

Word Integration

Integration with Microsoft Word for generating and managing documents

OutLook Integration

Integration with Microsoft Outlook for sending and receiving emails

PDF Integration

Integration with PDF document processor for saving and managing documents

Digital Signature

Sign contracts easily and in a controlled and auditable way

XERO Accounting

Leverage accounting system integration for office accounting


Property details made easy through searches and data requirements


Integrate SpineLegal wtih HMRC SDLT forms from the case system

VAT Module

Calculate outstanding VAT for each reporting periods easily

Digital VAT

Manage VAT submissions easily through the MTD 

MI & Reports

Generate reports and MI to run the firm effectively in one click

Scanner Integration

Integrate the documents from scanners and other sources easily