Managing a case

Managing a case in SpineLegal is all about following the activities or tasks in a workflow

The quick communication tools inside the platform help you send quick

  1. Emails
  2. SMS Messages
  3. Print outs
  4. Post letters without going to post office
  5. Share documents online with clients through portal

So how is SpineLegal making it all more efficient?

  1. For emails, you can configure email templates for all the email body you frequently send
  2. For letters, you can pre-configure letter templates
  3. For SMS messages, there is SMS templates you can pre-configure
  4. For documents, they are all auto generated

As a solicitor, you will be managing the case instead of doing the manual mundane tasks

So you will go through the workflow which comes pre-defined with the system or the workflow you have defined – all you need is to go step by step

By doing these processes you can

  1. Create invoices
  2. Generate statement of accounts
  3. Do 3rd party API calls to do checks, searches and various submissions

Just by one click

As each step is complete you will mark that stage of the workflow as “COMPLETE”

Finally, ensure all cash settlements are done and the case is audited with the pre-defined checklist and We are done with that CASE

The case will then be marked as complete and will be archived after 3 months by the system automatically.

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